Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GTH: Trailer and Pre-orders!

Pre-order GTH and not only will you get the bonus edition...
●   Phone Charms: Collect and display all 7 on your
      in-game phone!
●   Mobile Mini Games: WAC's Matching, TOT's Land
      Rush, SAW's Renograms, ASH's Wire, CAP's Winch,
      DED's Aggregation!
●   Extra Outtakes: including hilarious game-creation
      process clips!
●   Charmed Metagame Award: ultimate award for finding
      all the phone charms!
●   Secret Egg Puzzle: use an Easter Egg to find the
      hidden phone charm!
●   Extra Audio Player Tracks: including exclusive audio of
      Jessalyn and her friend, Addison!

You will be entered to win Charlotte Thornton's mask! And there will be 100 winners, which is a pretty good chance there.

 I'm so excited!!