Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ghost of Thornton Hall Masquerade Contest

You are formally invited to enter everythingnancydrew’s “Ghost of Thornton Hall Masquerade Contest.” As you may know, this game comes out in stores on May 14, 2013. There has been much speculation that there will be some sort of masquerade theme in the game.
To enter this contest, all you need to do is create an outfit that you think represents Ghost of Thornton Hall and a masquerade that would take place there. What would Nancy Drew wear to a masquerade at the hall? What would you wear? What do you think the occupants would have worn during the hall’s heyday? The possibilities are endless! There really are no guidelines, except that you must include a mask of some sort.
Entries are due Saturday, March 23, and the winners will be announced Saturday, March 24.
Please send all entries and any questions you may have to everythingnancydrew.
My entry for the masquerade contest:
I absolutely love the box art for Thornton Hall. I took cues from the artwork and created my own version of the outfit on the cover. I love the mask. The red matches the dress while the black lace adds a bit of mystery and gothic flair. That paired with the gloves, necklace, and shoes completes the outfit without adding too much to it. Personally, I love it. I could totally see myself wearing this at a ball then going out into the darkness to take a stroll through the cemetery.

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