Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July's Featured

This a new feature here on the sleuth. On the first of each month (with the exception of this month) I will be featuring not only a Nancy Drew game, but also the books the game was based off of. Some games are strikingly similar to the book and some are only loosely based but every single game has originated from a book.
July's featured game is 

The Secret of Shadow Ranch 

The Secret of Shadow Ranch Coverart.pngWith all the heat over here lately I thought SHA would be perfect game to start this off with. SHA was one of my first games. After finishing Last Train to Bluemoon Canyon, we rushed out to buy more, coming home with a double pack that included Curse of Blackmoor Manor and SHA. Being new to ND, I had so much trouble with this game, but not as bad as trying to get through TRN, but that's another story. So here's a hint if you are stuck at a certain point in the game (and trust me, you'll need it): 
When you get to the puzzle under the zebra rock, open and close the rock SIX (6) times. When you look under the puzzle will be done for you!
I wish I'd know that before.

Now if you noticed on the box art it says "Classic Mystery Edition." Does that yellow color look familiar to you? SHA was based off of #5 in the yellow hardbacks, The Secret of Shadow Ranch. The book and the game are surprisingly similar, save for a few small details. The book was quite enjoyable despite the fact that I already knew who the culprit was from playing the game :)

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book. There's also a game? Nice!
    I'm a new gfc follower. :)