Friday, July 13, 2012

Game Abbreviations

I use HeR's abbreviations when talking about the games, through text and vocally (I know, epic nerd alert). 
To prevent future confusion, here's a list for your convenience!

HeR= Her Interactive
SCK= Secrets Can Kill
SCK2= Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED
STFD= Stay Tuned for Danger
MHM= Message in a Haunted Mansion
TRT= Treasure in the Royal Tower
FIN= The Final Scene
SSH= Secret of the Scarlet Hand
DOG= Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
CAR= The Haunted Carousel
DDI= Danger on Deception Island
SHA= The Secret of Shadow Ranch
CUR= Curse of Blackmoor Manor
CLK= Secret of the Old Clock
TRN= Last Train to Bluemoon Canyon
DAN= Danger by Design
CRE= The Creature of Kapu Cave
ICE= The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
CRY= Legend of the Crystal Skull
VEN= The Phantom of Venice
HAU= The Haunting of Castle Malloy
RAN= Ransom of the Seven Ships
WAC= Warnings at Waverly Academy
TOT= Trail of the Twister
SAW= Shadow at the Water's Edge
CAP= The Captive Curse
ASH= Alibi in Ashes
TMB= Tomb of the Lost Queen
DED= The Deadly Device
GTH= Ghost of Thornton Hall
SPY= The Silent Spy

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